Streamlined Irons

Streamlined Irons: Rarity Guide

Streamlined Irons includes a rarity guide for all U.S. made streamlined irons. The guide is based on Jay Raymond's long years of observation of the market, including, what has been listed for sale on eBay over the last ten years, irons he knows to be in other collections, and what's been available at antique shows, shops and auctions.

The rarity guide is incorporated into the Index, a rich source of information, which also lists where and when the iron was made (and by what company), and what, if any, mechanical or design patents were issued for it, and to whom the patent was awarded.

There is no rarity guide for the early electric irons. There are too few early electrics to reliably judge their rarity: one-third of them are, to date, one of a kind; another third are one of two or three; the rest vary from as few as one of 5-20 to as many as one of thousands.